I've been thinking about this pet project for sometime. But due to some unforeseen circumstances (just heavy words for laziness) I could not get this ready before.
I'm getting it out of my hard disk now to show some love towards our Web Server Admins who keep our Web 2.0 world running !

IIS7 Mobile Admin is a mobile administration application to manage IIS7 remotely using the Web Browser on your mobile phone.


  • IIS7 Hostable Web Core running inside a custom windows service written in C++
    Read about the service here http://www.awesomeideas.net/page/IIS7-Hostable-WebCore.aspx
    [ You can also use IIS7 website to host it and make sure you isolate into a different application pool ]
  • ASP.NET based Website designed for use on browser of a cell phone using LINQ + IIS7 managed API (Microsoft.Web.Administration)

Currently version of this application is in no way a complete replacement for desktop version of IIS Manager (it might become later if I see enough interest Smile).

So lets talk about the scenario in which this could be extremely helpful.
Assume that you are a webserver admin and you have a lot of websites running on the server you manage. It's Christmas time and you are having a wonderful time with your family. You cell phone rings and on the other side is your customer screaming since their e-commerce website where people are shopping for Christmas is down.

In such scenarios you would have to reach for your computer, connect to the server through VPN and restart the application pool so that the site is back running atleast as a quick fix for Christmas. Now in this scenario if you are not at home or you cannot reach your computer you might've to drive to office to just recycle the application pool for the website.

You don't need to run to office or even reach your computer anymore with "IIS7 Mobile Admin" you can do this and more from your Internet connected Cell Phone.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks like on Pocket IE in full-screen mode


Since I don't want to complicate things too much and to reduce security related issues, I would try not to provide security sensitive features in this UI.

What is "must have" for this application, it's up to you to tell me through the comments below.

Once I get enough feedback I'll finish up and get this on http://www.codeplex.com for you to download application & code for free.

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