Recently I stumbled upon a discussion on facial recognition and creating models from them. Came to know that MSN China had lunched a service called "MSN Cartoon Beta".
Chinese is like French to me; I know neither :)

But I thought it would be an awesome feature to have for all Windows Live Services so tried my predict & clicking skills to get it working!
The following video demonstrates how to use the web based page to create MSN Cartoon without learning Chinese :)

Before beginning with the application there is a small web based install which pops-up but you know which buttons to click if you have used Windows for long enough!
The last button click on the page gives you a zip file containing the newly created smiley's for all  your cool expressions... Now stop reading and check the video and the site ;)


URL => 

If there is enough demand for audio commentary I will add voice to explain the different buttons and it's options.

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