Although the title says webserver certificates the script is not limited to webserver certificates only.

This script is useful for admins to check expiry dates of server certificates and be prepared to renew or change them. In case if you have ideas of using this in your server environment and you need help in tweaking this script do let me know.

Please copy & paste script below into a file called "CertExpiryCheck.vbs" and run the script from command line like

C:\> cscript certexpirycheck.vbs [SubjectName]


C:\> cscript certexpirycheck.vbs sukak


* here "sukak" is subject name which usually would be your domain name (FQDN)
* Issued by also shows "sukak" in my case since the test was done using self issued certificate created using selfSSL.exe


'* CertExpiryCheck.vbs
'* Enumerate certificates with day left for expiry 

Option Explicit
Dim SubjectName
If WScript.Arguments.Count > 0 Then
    SubjectName = LCase(WScript.Arguments(0))
End If

Dim Store, Certificates, Certificate

Set Store = CreateObject("CAPICOM.Store")
Set Certificates = Store.Certificates.Find(CAPICOM_CERTIFICATE_FIND_SUBJECT_NAME, SubjectName, 0)

If Certificates.Count >0 Then
   For Each Certificate in Certificates
    'Certificate.display()    'If you want to see the Cert in UI
    WScript.Echo "*** Subject " & Certificate.SubjectName & " ***"
    WScript.Echo "Issued by " & Certificate.IssuerName 
    WScript.Echo "Valid from " & Certificate.ValidFromDate & " to " & Certificate.ValidToDate 
    WScript.Echo "Days to expiry " & DateDiff("d",now(),Certificate.ValidToDate)
  WScript.Echo "No certificates with SubjectName => '" & SubjectName & "'"
End If

Set Certificates = Nothing
Set Store = Nothing

Sub CommandUsage
  MsgBox "Usage: CertExpiryCheck.vbs  [SubjectName] ", vbInformation,"CertExpiryCheck"
End Sub


Just keep in mind you need capicom.dll to use this script. This comes default on Windows 2003 (I guess) but might need to be downloaded and registered on other platforms like Vista. Use regsvr32 capicom.dll to register it first before using the script.

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